Photo by Lily Mclaughlin

Photo by Lily Mclaughlin


My name is Travis. Most know me as “TravieShoots”.

I’m a content creator based out of Houston, Texas with a focus on Photography. I’ve been shooting for 7 years, designing for over a decade, and I have about a year of video under my belt. I’m well-versed in Adobe software. I pride my self on quality content with a fast turnaround. I’ve turned around a wedding with over 300 photos in less than a week. I turn around photos on tour the same night or next day at latest.

I have a degree in Visual Communication from Lone Star College. I apply my knowledge of design fundamentals to my photography and film making.

I tour with a band called Polyphia. We have toured 27 countries in the past two years. I am well-seasoned in touring nationally & internationally.

I’m a very nice, patient, personable human. I hope you think so too.

Cheers, I hope to work with you.