What do you shoot on?

Currently : Sony A7r iii w/ a Sigma 24mm 1.4 art and Sigma 50mm 1.4 art.

What do you charge?

I will need a full insight into what you’re willing to spend before we solidify a number. Weddings and touring will need consultations before deciding on a number.

How did you get into touring?

Literally quit my desk job and got an IG message asking if I wanted to tour.

Can I pay you in exposure?

Lmao no.

I ordered a print and I still haven’t received it. Why?


  • You’re at the mercy of the United States Postal Service (not my fault).

  • I haven’t made it to the post office yet (my fault, life gets crazy sometimes).

Can you help me meet (insert band)?

I am not your bridge of connection to meet any band. I’m sorry, but that is unprofessional on my part and will have to politely decline.

Do you do collaborations?

Yes if I’m interested. But I know the difference between a collaborator and someone who just wants a free shoot. So, keep that in mind.